Supplies and tools Large and Small

Tools and machines available to make stained glass crafting as easy as possible!

Major Supplies:

Irons from Inland; Grinders From Glastar; Cutters from Toyo, Inland and Fletcher; Band saws from Inland and Diamond Tech; Wire Saws from Gryphon and Gemini

Chemicals include: flux, patinas, flux remover and cutting oil. 50/50 and 60/40 lead solder as well as silver solder. Framing includes: wood, zinc and brass channel, and caining. Pliers, copper foil, a variety of lamp parts, and an assortment of how to and pattern books.



Pistal grip cutter is our favorite glass cutter

Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

 This is a circle cutter, scores circular and straight lines

Circle & Straight Edge Cutter


Books on how to make stained glass from your home

One of our Best selling Books


Stained glass Grinder diamond star, sands the edges of the glass to shape and carve it

Glass Grinder we always keep in stock

These are just a few of the products
we have available.


Stained glass wire saw used for presision cutting of glass, wet saw with diamond chip

We Sell all kinds of band saws